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Gorgonzola Romanin D.O.P. cheese


No-eggs No-flour Vegetarian Best-product


Product Description

The Gorgonzola Romanin D.O.P. It is a cheese made from pasteurized whole cow’s milk from located at ‘internal farms of the target area and identified by the Presidential Decree 10/30/55 and DPR 03/28/77, seeded with lactic ferments, with a suspension of spores of Penicillium, yeasts selected and added with calf rennet at a temperature of 28-36 ° C.

The form obtained is subjected to dry salting which is continued for several days with a temperature of 18-24 ° C.

During maturation, the varieties and strains of Penicillium characteristic of Gorgonzola which determines its blue-green color (marbling).

The minimum duration of the maturing is fifty days: this operation is carried out in environments of 2-7 ° C and a relative humidity of 85-99% temperature.

Transformation, aging and packaging take place in the same territory of milk production.

The DOP Gorgonzola is marked by two marks to be attached in the production area:

– The first cause, which is placed on both flat ends displaying the identification number of the dairy, obtained by applying the tables distributed by the protection of Gorgonzola Cheese Consortium, is the collective Body that oversees the production and trade of Gorgonzola cheese, ensuring authenticity, genuineness and compliance with Italian and Community legislation Directives;

– The second at the time when the product has reached the characteristics to be released for consumption and which consists of an embossed aluminum sheet that wraps the form, bearing the identifying mark of the Gorgonzola Consortium.

PAIRINGS: Table cheese to taste at the end of a meal

IN THE KITCHEN: Used in cooking for sauces, stuffed pasta, sauce for polenta and risotto

WINES: It prefers wines of a certain softness. Among white great Frascati Superiore and Gavi, among red instead Sangiovese di Romagna and the Valtellina Superiore

Taste: Slightly spicy, almost sweet, quaint,

FORM, COMPOSITION, WEIGHT: Cylindrical shape, weight 6 kg

MATURING: Minimum 50 days

ORIGIN: Piedmont

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Forma Intera 6 kg: 71,40 € (11,90 €/kg), Metà forma 3 kg: 41,10 € (13,80 €/kg), 1/4 di forma 1.5 kg: 20,70 € (13,80 €/kg), Fetta 1 kg: 13,80 € (13.80 €/kg), Fetta 500 g: 6,90 € (13,80 €/kg)


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    Qualità dei prodotti fuori dal comune! Siete una garanzia! ++++++

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    Inimitabile! Avete la gorgonzola numero 1 al mondo! la gorgonzola più buona in assoluto

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