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Pancetta provincia Granda bacon


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Product Description

The bacon is made with the parts of the pig stomach are squared and trimmed. The conservation of the rind or not depends on the type of preparation provided for the bacon. Trimmings of bacon are used for the fat part of salami (lard) or to obtain cracklings. After the trimming, bellies pass the salting. They are sprinkled with salt (in some areas, in addition to salt, we add herbs and spices – such as black pepper frequently, rarely other flavorings such as cloves and nutmeg) and are placed to rest for a few days.

PAIRINGS: Great to be eaten sliced rolled a breadstick as an aperitif.

IN THE KITCHEN: it is ideal for flavoring dishes and recipes and give a soft and fluffy texture to dishes for the amount of fat present in the product.

TASTE: Sweet on the outside with a marked note of flavor inside.

ORIGIN: Piedmont.

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Intero 3.0 kg: 25,50 € (8,50 €/kg), Metà 1.5 kg: 13,65 € (9,10 €/kg), Vaschetta 150 g: 1,49 € (9,94 €/kg)


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    Ero dubbioso nel fare acquisti di alimenti sul web, ho contattato direttamente l’azienda e devo dire che il servizio clienti è stato cordialissimo, acquistato 4 pancette intere per una festa e sono arrivate dopo 24h sotto vuoto e freschissime. Consiglio a tutti

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    Great!! Thanks guys! Very good team!

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