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Pecorino sardo maturo Medoro D.O.P. cheese


No-eggs No-flour Vegetarian Best-product


Product Description

Pecorino Medoro DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) is a semi-cooked cheese worked with pasteurized whole sheep’s milk medium intense aroma seasoning (typical Sardinian pastures). It has a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 18-20 cm and 10-11 cm barefoot. It weighs about 3,4 kg. Outside shows a smooth rind treated with a pale yellow or deep yellow oil, while the pulp inside is semi-hard, compact, with a pale yellow color. It has a minimum maturing period of about 120 days. It is a cheese that can never be lacking in the table after a meal, great alone with rye bread, jams or paired with Sardinian full-bodied red wines.

PAIRINGS: Table cheese, combined with rye bread, jams

IN THE KITCHEN: You can use it to make pesto, or grated on pasta dishes to give flavor and aroma

WINES: Prefers full-bodied red wines Sardinian

TASTE: Intense aroma, typical of the Sardinian pastures

FORM, COMPOSITION, WEIGHT: cylindrical shape, diameter of 18-20 cm, height 10-11 cm, weight 3,4 kg

MATURING: about 4 months

ORIGIN: Sardinia

Additional Information


Forma Intera 3,4 kg: 53,04 € (15,60 €/kg), Metà forma 1.7 kg: 27,54 € (16,20 €/kg), Fetta 1 kg: 16,20 € (16,20 €/kg), Fetta 500 g: 8,10 € (16,20 €/kg)


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    Acquistato un forma per fare il pesto, ottimo prodotto, consigliato ++++++

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    Ottimo prodotto per fare il pesto

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