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Quartirolo D.O.P. cheese


No-eggs No-flour Vegetarian Discounted


Product Description

Its name derives from “quartirola”, which formerly meant the grass grown after the third cut, then the end of summer. Feeding on these herbs, cows producing a low-fat milk and the precise organoleptic characteristics that give the cheese a particular sour taste. It contains half the fat than a traditional mozzarella and being very versatile and tasty is cut into cubes and added as an ingredient in dishes and salads. The forms of this Lombard cheese are rectangular parallelepiped, with flat faces and straight sides. The rind is thin and soft white-pinkish. Pasta has combined structure, slightly lumpy possibly with small detachments

IN THE KITCHEN: Used mainly in cooking cubed and added in dishes and salads

WINES: Red wines of Franciacorta and Valcaleppio. In some cases it is combined also with bubbles

TASTE: sweet and mellow flavor, slightly acidic depending on the ripeness

FORM, COMPOSITION, WEIGHT: quadrangular parallelepiped shape, 16-22 cm wide, barefoot 4-8 cm, weight 2.5 kg

AGING: 40 days

ORIGIN: Lombardia

Additional Information


Forma Intera 2.5kg: 19,75€ (7,90 €/kg), Fetta 1 kg: 9,90 € (9,90 €/kg), Fetta 500 g: 4,95 € (9,90€/kg)


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    Forse più pratico e gustosa della toma d’alba. Ho un ristorante e la utilizzo per le insalate.

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