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Stilton D.O.P. cheese


No-eggs No-flour Vegetarian Best-product


Product Description

Long recognized as “king of cheeses”, it is the only British dairy product to be recognized with the appellation DOP (Protected Designation of Origin). Only the cheeses produced in the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire – if prepared according to specific rules – can be called Stilton. It is produced with pasteurized whole cow’s milk. The natural rind is grey, while the pasta is yellow with grey green mold. Also the pasta is characterized by blue veins give the cheese a pungent and spicy taste. It has a cylindrical shape weighing about 4 kg, with a diameter of about 15 cm with straight sides of about 25 cm. It is an excellent table cheese to be eaten with traditional cakes sweet seeds. It ensures an excellent performance in the preparation of creams and sauces. In Great Britain they are tasted with Sherry, Madeira or Port young, cutting the cap from one end and digging with a spoon at the center of the dough, which is then filled with the selected wine.

PAIRINGS: Table cheese to combine with cakes sweet seeds or simply spread on a slice of homemade bread

IN THE KITCHEN: It is used for sauces, fondues and creams to be combined with first and second courses

WINES: It goes very well with Sherry, Madeira and Porto young

TASTE: Taste decided, pungent, very unique, one of a kind

FORM, COMPOSITION, WEIGHT: cylindrical shape, diameter 15 cm, height 25 cm, weight about 4 kg

MATURING: 6-15 weeks

ORIGIN: Great Britain

Additional Information


Forma Intera 4 kg: 96,00 € (24,00 €/kg), Metà forma 2 kg: 53,80 € (26,90 €/kg), Fetta 1 kg: 26,90 € (26,90 €/kg), Fetta 500 g: 13,45 € (26,90 €/kg)


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