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Taleggio D.O.P. cheese


No-eggs No-flour Vegetarian


Product Description

Taleggio DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) is a cow’s milk cheese with ancient origins, perhaps earlier than the tenth century. The production area is the Val Taleggio hence the name of the cheese, in the province of Bergamo. It is matured in humid and cold caves for about 40 days and the outer crust is treated with sponging of water and salt that determine the classical washed rind. Outside there are the grooves of the racks on which was supported in the process of stewing, it is a reddish orange color with some gray muffette, while the cheese is creamy, soft and creamy under the crust with a very small holes distributed irregularly . This type of cheese is found in many Italian recipes like polenta. After the meal fits very well with pears, figs and apples. You can match with many wines including red Franciacorta, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Red Picentino.

PAIRINGS: Table cheese to be combined with pears, figs, apples

IN THE KITCHEN: Used in the kitchen to create fondue, cheese sauce for first and second terms

WINES: Franciacorta red, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Red Picentino.

TASTE: Intense flavor, with a slight acidulous vein, slightly aromatic, sometimes with truffle aftertaste

FORM, COMPOSITION, WEIGHT: rectangular shape, of 18-20 cm side, barefoot 4-7 cm, weight 2 kg

AGING: 40 days minimum

ORIGIN: Lombardia

Additional Information


Forma Intera 2 kg: 19,60 € (9,80 €/kg), Metà forma 1 kg: 11,90 € (11,90 €/kg), Fetta 500 g: 5,95 € (11,90 €/kg)


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