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Barolo Cheese “Testun” (Select the slice)


Product: vacuum packed

Storage time: 30 days from date of shipment

Vegetarian No-eggs Best-productNo-flour


Product Description

Testun Barolo is a mountain cheese (cow and sheep milk) whose production is mainly concentrated in the Cuneo area, between the Tanaro river and the creek Vermenagna, always in mountain areas. The name comes from the hardness (testun: big head or hard head), is in fact the hardest among those monregalesi cheese and one which has a longer maturation, from 12 months up to 2 years of some forms and higher. The paste is pale or white-dark, compact and slightly grainy, with aging can have traces of marbling. Some manufacturers seasoned Testun into natural caves and “refined” in Barolo marc. This cheese is really good in combination with full-bodied red wine, figs, pears, dried fruit, rye bread and jam Nebbiolo grape. In the kitchen it goes well with rice dishes, for fillings of ravioli, but also as a sauce for dumplings.

PAIRINGS: Table cheese, combined with figs, pears, dried fruit, rye bread, jam grapes.

Used in cooking risotto, ravioli, gnocchi.

WINES: full-bodied reds, Nebbiolo.

TASTE: strong, rich with aromas of herbs and flowers, with vinous aromas and cellar.

FORM, COMPOSITION, WEIGHT: cylindrical shape, diameter of 30-40 cm, height 10.8 cm, weight 7 kg.

MATURING: from 2-12 months to two years.

ORIGIN: Piedmont

Additional Information


Fetta 500 g: 14,95 € (29,90 €/kg), Fetta 1 kg: 29,40 € (29,40 €/kg), Fetta 300 g: 9,17 € (30,58 €/kg)


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