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Toma di Murazzano D.O.P. Cheese


Product: vacuum packed
Storage time: 30 days from date of shipment

Vegetarian No-eggs No-flour Best-product


Product Description

Toma of Murazzano DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), is a cheese produced in more than 50 municipalities of the Cuneo Langa, was once produced by housewives that, on market day went to Murazzano to sell their “tume “shopkeepers, who would then bring in Turin. Murazzano PDO is a fat cheese with fresh pasta that is produced with cow’s milk and sheep origin. It has a cylindrical shape of weight not exceeding 400 g. The color of the cheese is milk white, her slightly thick, soft texture, sometimes with some holes. Outside it has no rind, its color is white milk for fresh forms and straw yellow for the aged. Its flavor, fine and delicately scented thanks to the percentage of sheep’s milk it is made of. Despite the development and mechanization of dairy industries, it is still made by hand today, form after form.

PAIRINGS: Table cheese can be enjoyed at the end of the meal paired with jams and flavored honeys

WINES: It prefers red wines

TASTE: Very fine and delicately perfumed

FORM, COMPOSITION, WEIGHT: cylindrical shape, diameter of 10-15 cm, height 3.4 cm, weight about 350 grams

MATURING: 4-10 days

ORIGIN: Piedmont

Additional Information

Weight 0.350 kg


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